The bow and the string, how they communicate

The bow and the string, how they communicate   Bowed Violin String in Slow Motion What is the role of the bow in sound production, that is a question for which we have little scientific information. Every string player would agree that the bow is just as important as the instrument. But still, in all […]

A Gorgeous Tourte Bow


I love this bow. I think it is the one in the book “Les Archets “ Volume 1 side 105 Nr. 12 without frog. I understand that they didn’t show the frog because it seems to be of a later period. In fact, the frog doesn’t fit very well on the stick, which probably means […]

Andreas Engleder


This is a very beautiful German cello bow. It’s not mine; I have it for sale for 25,000 euros. That’s a lot of money for a German bow, but this one is in top condition. And, there are not so many old German bows of this quality around. Engleder was a very well known violinmaker […]

An experiment with different wood

experiment with different wood 001

Pernambuco is becoming rare, especially the beautiful, dense and dark kind they had in the old days. Everybody is looking for substitutes. Sometimes Ironwood makes good bows. I have also tried Snake wood and Bania Swarzia. They can give good results, but the bows are different from Pernambuco bows. Lately, I found a new wood […]