Violin bows

A. Grütter clip-in vioolstok
Mutiples of 3mm used in all measurements

Price: € 1.500
Weight: 50 grams

Baroque violin round
Baroque violin in snakewood and ebony, round stick, very little inside curve

Price: € 1.500
Weight: 51 grams

Violin Leonard Tourte
soft bow, nice sound

Price: € 3.500
Weight: 58 grams

light classical violin
very light classical bow FX Tourte model

Price: € 2.000
Weight: 47 grams

classical violin in snakewood
big and clean sound

Price: € 2.000
Weight: 57 grams

lazy classical violin
lazy classical bow, good sound , blends in

Price: € 1.500
Weight: 47 grams

Viola bows

clip-in viola
light viola clip-in, until 1750

Price: € 1.500
Weight: 50 grams

baroque viola with inside curve
from Bach to Mozart

Price: € 1.500
Weight: 62 grams

viola Leonard Tourte
light and soft, good grip

Price: € 3.500
Weight: 69 grams

short viola bow
hairlenght 61 cm, very nice grip and definition

Price: € 3.000
Weight: 69 grams

viola hammerhead pernambuco
juicy sound

Price: € 1.800
Weight: 64 grams

Andreas Grütter
Helder en transparant

Price: €5.000
Weight: 71 grams

Cello bows

baroque cellobow,straight
soft attack

Price: €1.500
Weight: 77 grams

classical cello in pernambuco
light and agile, very flamed wood

Price: €2.500
Weight: 66 grams


Price: €1.200
Weight: 57 grams

Bass bows

German classical bass
light snakewood stick and mahony frog

Price: €1.800
Weight :125 grams

Bass clip-in
light cherrywood bass bow for gut strings

Price: €1.200
Weight :105 grams

Andreas Grütter, french bass
elegant french bass bow

Price: €3.000
Weight :133 grams