Sex and Bows

Sex and bowsAvoiding to become too serious in my blog, I thought about what people like to read about.

Most of them like to read about sex.

Nobody has sex with a bow. I would absolutely not recommend to try it. It’s a stupid idea and there is no reason to get kinky.

But a bow is definitely a phallic  symbol. A violin or a cello have female forms and they have some kind of intercourse with the bow.

It’s not real sex, of course, it’s a sublimation.

If you play music, do  you have sex with yourself ? No, not really, but making music has something erotic and is very satisfying.

Well, not always, sometimes it is like bad sex.  Everybody acts as if sex was always good, but if you are honest, sometimes it is, but not always, it doesn’t come with a guarantee.

Playing music also doesn’t come with a guarantee, it needs a lot of practice, love and dedication.

For me a beautiful sound is something erotic, it touches me on a level beyond words. I can’t describe it. But I can remember it, strangely enough.

Good sex you don’t remember in the details either, but you know very well if you’ve had it. At least we can see some parallels.

For me as a bowmaker looking at a beautiful bow also has something erotic. No, I don’t get a hard on. In this sense also music is strictly seen not erotic, but as a feeling it comes close.

A really nice bow does  get me exited and I would want to have it, but usually I can’t afford it.

The same thing happens with beautiful woman, theoretically I would like to get in touch. But I am an old man, besides that I am living with my wife and she wouldn’t appreciate.

I often rehair beautiful bows though, take them apart, clean them, calm the hair and put them together again. But it doesn’t feel like the real thing. It feels like work, I mean it’s okay, but I it doesn’t get me excited at all.

Sadly enough that also happens with a great Tourte, the maximum for every bowmaker. Once it lies on my workbench, the object of desire becomes a piece of wood and I do the same thing as I always do, the special air is gone.

Who knows if it would be like that with the beautiful girls too.

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